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  • 2017 AWEA Safety Awareness Campaign

    AWEA is pleased to announce our new October safety campaign “Take Time to Take Care” focusing on soft tissue injury prevention. Many activities can lead to soft-tissue damage of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Utilize these tools to educate your team on the importance of stretching, body positioning, ... More

  • AWEA 2017 Safety Series - The Industrial Athlete - Impact of Ergonomics and Fitness for Duty in the

    Workers in the field are subject to high physical demands and its important employers recognize and prepare techs properly to ensure long, satisfying careers. Much like professional athletes prepare for sport, wind techs as industrial athletes should be trained to help prevent injuries and to maintain ... More

  • AWEA 2017 Safety Series - Injury Prevention Programming: Offense or Defense… Choose Wisely

    David F. Nota, CEO, PT, CEAS, CEFE, AOEAS, discusses the benefits and challenges of instituting injury prevention programming and the need to choose wisely when selecting program components. He will discuss why program components regarding body mechanics and body positioning, stretching, and fitness ... More

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