• DOI Policy Statement on Regulating Workplace Safety and Health Conditions on Renewable Energy Facili

    This week, the Department of the Interior (DOI) announced a policy statement on regulating workplace safety and health conditions on renewable energy facilities on the outer continental shelf (OCS).  The statement clarifies the role of DOI in regulating in this area. DOI will act as the principal Federal agency for regulation and enforcement of safety and health requirements for OCS renewable energy facilities pursuant to Title 43 United States Code Section 1337 and Title 35 Code of Federal Regulations Part 585.   This authority applies to the facilities themselves only, noting, “OCS renewable energy facility support vessels...are under the authority of the United States Coast Guard (USCG).”  

    The statement goes on to specify, “DOI considers its regulatory program, described in part above, to occupy the field of workplace safety and health for personnel and others on OCS renewable energy facilities, and to preempt the applicability of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. See 29 U.S.C. 653(b)(1).”  Though, the statement also indicates that DOI will collaborate and consult with OSHA and USCG as necessary. Representatives from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement at DOI as well as OSHA will be on the safety panel at AWEA’s Offshore WINDPOWER event in Boston Wednesday at 1:45 pm.  For more information, contact Michele Mihelic.

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    AWEA Safety and Health Recognition Award and AWEA Excellence in Operations Award

    AWEA Safety and Health Recognition Award:
    The AWEA Safety and Health Recognition Award honors a business, enterprise, or entity that is an AWEA member in good standing who demonstrates consistent improvement in safety performance. The award program aims to recognize organizations that have health and safety well integrated as a key-value and in which measurable achievements can be demonstrated and verified. Click here to submit an application. The application deadline is November 1.

    AWEA Excellence in Operations Award:
    The AWEA Operations in Excellence Award is open to all AWEA member companies. The award aims to recognize organizations that promote excellence, advance best safety practices, and celebrate breaking through traditionally held barriers by advancing operations through non-traditional methods. Click here to submit a nomination. Nomination deadline is November 1.
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